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have a good day


who else thinks harry is great i think harry is great 


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RBB featuring some snazzy new kicks and a flower crown. Welcome back, buddy.

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this gets me so hard

apparently this was johnny and winona meeting for the first time since they broke up or something

fuck they are so hot

niallhoran: Just wanna say the biggest/fattest happy 21st birthday to my brother @fakeliampayne , I love you bro and i can’t wait to celebrate it with you! We have waited for this, since that first trip we ever made to America , please make use of it, coz I will if you dont! Love you brother have a great day
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28.8.14 x x x

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Happy 21st Birthday, Leeyum. :)

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Bad Jokes from One Direction: The Official Annual 2015

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The One Direction Guide to Friendship 

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describe your dream day off?
harry: sleeping in, sunday roast with pals.
louis: oh, i’d just chill out at home, have a lie-in, some good home-cooked food - probably a sunday roast - and watch a bit of footie on the telly.
— i’m going to punch myself +/+ (via leedshappened)
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